Photo Gallery

There are other indications that can be treated with Radiesse® as well. They include: brow lift and border of the lips. Please consult your physician for your individual treatment plan.

Treating nasolabial folds with Radiesse®

Moderate nasolabial folds / smile lines

Severe nasolabial folds / smile lines

Treating marionette lines & nasolabial folds with Radiesse®

Cheek / hollow cheek augmentation with Radiesse®

Cheekbone enhancement with Radiesse®

Treating the lower jawline with Radiesse®

Treating oral commissures with Radiesse®

Treating chin / chin fold with Radiesse®

Full facial lifting with Radiesse®

Improving skin quality with Radiesse®

Treating the back of the hand with Radiesse®

The people depicted in this photo gallery are actual Radiesse® patients. Keep in mind that results may vary from patient to patient.

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